Singleness (ft. Chandler Mann) | Ep. 03

Hey sweet friends! Today we have a guest very special to our hearts, Chandler Mann. Chandler will be talking about singleness, and hopefully once you get done listening to this, you won’t feel like the only person walking this road. Chandler has been single for 3 years now, and like so many of us, Chan always planned on getting out of college and getting married, but the Lord had other plans for her.

Chandler talks about finding contentment in her season of singleness. She realized that the culture we live in often contradicts the Lord’s truth, so she had to decide if she was going to listen to the culture of this world or the Lord’s plan for her life. Through making the decision to listen to the Lord’s plan she has found contentment and growth that she never would have experienced if she was already married, and she has realized what a gift her season of singleness has been.

Chan also covers all of the feelings that can go along with your season of singleness such as comparison, sadness, feeling left out, etc. She says that Satan loves to feed off the victim mentality of why me, or why not me? But those feelings are not from the Lord, you are worthy and the Lord has you in your season of singleness because He loves you and has a perfect plan for you.

Chandler encourages us to not waste these seasons, whether it’s singleness or something else. Don’t waste the season you’re in, and she gives us great examples of how she has thrived in her 3 years of singleness in ways she never could have if she had been married, which once again proves that the Lord has you where he has you for a reason, and there is so much contentment to be found in living out His will for your life.  

We truly hope through this podcast you feel challenged to let the Lord work on your heart and that you find contentment in whatever season you are in. We hope you leave this podcast feeling encouraged in knowing that the Lord is absolutely enough!

We can’t thank you enough for joining us, and always remember to Give Grace!


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