The Ugly Truth About IVF (Megan’s Story) | Ep. 01

Hello sweet friends!! We are thrilled to have you joining us for our first official podcast! This is something that the Lord has put on our hearts, and we are so excited to be able to share in this journey with you. We truly hope to shed light on stories of heartache and suffering, so that you do not feel alone. Our hope is that you will leave this podcast feeling so encouraged!

In this podcast, I am sharing my story! You will hear me talking about marriage and our struggle with infertility. I’m sharing all about how I learned to be content through the suffering and season of waiting. I will be walking you through all the twists and turns of our crazy past five and half years. I will be telling you about my husband and myself, our marriage, when we decided to start trying to have children, all the ups and downs that went along with our IVF treatments, our Give Grace campaign and the heart behind it, and finally, sharing with you about how after all of the suffering, we are having little twin miracle boys. God is SO GOOD.

I will also be sharing all about God’s goodness that he reveals to us during struggles and hard times. He is able and he is faithful in your journey.  If you are in any kind of a valley, I truly encourage you to really lean on the Lord and lay whatever it is that you want at the foot of the cross. I will be talking about how doing that is truly what helped lead me to such contentment. We really hope and pray that this podcast and these upcoming podcasts will make you  feel less alone. We pray that you will have a renewed sense of joy by leaning on the Lord. God loves you infinitely more than you can possibly imagine, how incredible is that?



Waiting on God: By Wayne Stiles

It Starts with the Egg: By Rebecca Fett

Megan’s Instragram: @megansmalley

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  • Megan, thank you so much for sharing your story. For someone that has been struggling with infertility now for almost 2 years, your testimony is so dear to my heart. I’ve been off of social media for over a year now, so when I found out that you decided to start a podcast, I was so excited! I wish you the best of luck with this new venture and congratulations to you and Blake on the birth of your sons. I’ve been praying for you since the Give Grace campaign started, and to see God perform this miracle in your life is such a blessing and encouragement to so many girls! In His Love, Katie

  • Thank you for being so open & honest with your story. I loved your comment at the beginning about how as women we are ready for babies typically earlier then our spouses, but just how important it is to be patient. Looking forward to hearing more amazing stories!

    P.S. I’m a twin & it’s the best! Such a fun way to grow up 🙂

  • Such an encouraging testimony! We’ve been trying for 2 years to start our family, and nothing is so gut wrenching as knowing there is NOTHING I can do. Your book recommendation is truly what I needed right now. Thank you for being so vulnerable and available!

  • Hi Megan,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story, I must admit listening to your story made me feel like wow she’s telling my story! I had so many similar experiences as you. I had struggled with unexplained infertility for over 7 yrs. I didn’t think about getting pregnant until I was in my early 30’s. I’ve gone thru several IUI procedures and finally IVF after we took a few yrs off ( I was a bit naive in thinking well once we do IVF it will work right… I mean it’s dummy proof so what’s the rush). My husband and I have gone thru 2 failed IVF procedures so you can imagine our heartache. The first procedure we went thru that doctor did not believe in day 5 transfers so convinced us to transfer on day 3. Immediately they suggested we do donor eggs just as you, that suggestion came the same day they told us that we were not pregnant. No doubt that was a lot to handle in one phone call. The fighter in me wasn’t giving up though. I needed to try again and also needed answers why weren’t we able to get pregnant. I did some research and went to a different doctor and they waited til day 5 to do our transfer as well as they tested our embryos. It was then that we found out that my eggs just weren’t good. We were told that some of the embryos either had extra chromosomes or were missing chromosomes and that that was most likely bc of my egg quality. I was told we could try again that we weren’t a hopeless case. Based upon our results, we decided to not go a 3rd round. I had moments where I blamed myself for not doing IVF sooner and if only this if only that, I played the what IF game in my head more than you could imagine. I had moments where I wanted to turn away from God and for a very short period I did. I was so blessed to have the friends in my life that I did to support me when I truly did feel like I was going to go crazy…I would research non stop which made the What IF game I was playing even more intense. However, I then was reminded thru the strong support of my friends and husband as well as the Holy Spirit that I just need to be content and trust that our God is a faithful and loving father and he is in control not me (very hard for a person who likes to be in control to accept) that he has a plan for all of our lives greater than even we can imagine. Though it’s still hard to accept that there is a real possibility that I may not get pregnant (especially with the odds against me with my age now), each day gets easier and that’s only because I did let go and put everything at the foot of the cross. We are in the midst of being approved to foster to adopt. As that has been something just really heavy on my heart for the last few yrs, We haven’t stopped trying to conceive naturally and I don’t know what the future holds for us but one thing I do know is that I can’t wait to see God’s glorious unfolding!!! I am curious if you don’t mind if I ask what were the supplements that you took? Also if I could share one thing I’ve learned, it would definitely be to do your research early on. There is soo much involved with the infertility process and having the knowledge going into the process and having the right doctor that you feel comfortable with and you feel truly cares about you and not just making pay day is soo super important! I was also a person that had silent endometriosis and only found that out 5 yrs into our infertility struggle, never had I heard of it or knew anything about it until one of our doctors we went to even before we did IVF suggested I get tested. So for anyone out there struggling with infertility ask questions don’t be afraid to ask and ask and ask. You are your biggest advocate!